The Department of Business Administration of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management offers two year full time MBA approved from AICTE and affiliated to VTU. The Department is also a recognized research centre for full time and part-time PhD Programmes under VTU. Within a short period of time, the Department has emerged as a centre of excellence in Management education. The faculty team at Sahyadri is highly qualified with a blend of both corporate and academic experience.

The basic philosophy of the Sahyadri MBA is to provide high quality managerial talent with a mind-set for success in a turbulent economic environment. The program is intensive , integrated and provides an environment for students to work in groups, in a project oriented setting, that develops and enhances communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills without compromising initiative, creativity, and personal responsibility. The programme adopts PBL (Project Based Learning) in order to provide in-depth understanding of business concepts. The Department has plans to tie-up with foreign universities for student and faculty exchange programs, summer school, and R&D activities. Steps have already been taken for research collaboration with Ghent University, Belgium.


Unlike other MBA programme which is highly examination oriented Sahyadri MBA adopts PBL (Project Based Learning) in order to provide in-depth understanding of business concepts.

Instead of testing the merits of each student based on a single performance at the end of the program, student performance will be assessed both on an individual and group level throughout the duration of the program. Group projects enable students to work together, analyze problems, decide how to solve them and then submit a report or presentation for the whole group.


• Outbound learning facilitates experience through activities and games to get a practical insight to individual behaviour and group dynamics. The purpose is to reflect upon desired responses and experiment them in real time situations and further reflect on what to expect from future experiences.

• Role-play, videos, simulations, team exercises. problem solving, current issue analysis, industry interaction, field assignment, internships projects Presentations and lecture, are commonly used to develop conceptual, analytical and decision making skills and to prepare the students to face the challenges of the complex business and organizational environment

• The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty drawn from academia and industry. The consulting and industry experience of faculty adds to the professional expertise of MBA at Sahyadri


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