MBA HR students conduct Group Discussion Round for first year MBAs

>MBA HR students conduct Group Discussion Round for first year MBAs

Post conducting Aptitude Test for the first year MBAs, the MBA HR students continue to conduct Group Discussion round of interview for the 30 students selected from the Aptitude test written by 180 students. GD sessions were conducted on current trending topics. The 1st year students participated in the GD enthusiastically, putting their best foot forward to get selected for the next round of interview – Face to Face interview. 12 students have been shortlisted for this round which would be held next week. These selects will choose their area of interest among Finance, Marketing & HR and the HR students will design the Face to Face interview suiting the area of interest of the respective candidate.

MBA-HR Students conduct Aptitude Test for 1st year MBA

MBA-HR Students conduct Aptitude Test for 1st year MBA

In continuation to the Resume Writing Workshop facilitated by the Final Year students of HR specialization, they also conducted Aptitude Test for the 1st year MBA students in order to put the theory they learnt regarding “Recruitment Process” into practice. This has exposed the first year students to the Aptitude Test pattern that will appear during their first round of Job Interview & the HR students have gained confidence in executing recruitment process confidently in their future job role. 30 students from the 1st year have been short listed for the next round of interview - Group Discussion which will be held this week.

In addition to this, the HR Students are in the process of analyzing & identifying the gap in Aptitude in the areas related to Quantitative Analytics, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, English Proficiency & Subject Knowledge which will be submitted to the department for future training programmes on the domain that needs focus.

Workshop on "Life Saving Skills" for MBAs

Code Craft Technologies, Mangaluru & Dr. Maneesh Rai, Electrophysiologist, KMC, Mangaluru have come together to solve an issue of Ambulance response time using technology and by increasing general awareness in people. 108 is an amazing initiative by Government, however the response time has been very poor (Mangalore it is 30-40 minutes on an Average) due to which there has been many life lost. They are in a mission (SAVIOR) to bring all private hospitals / ambulances under one platform. This approach benefits the citizens and hospitals / ambulance owners.

Objective of SAVIOR:

  • Improve the connectivity of the patient to the hospital in case of emergencies by creating an Ola / Uber Model for ambulances
  • Create awareness and Educate the general public about medical emergencies and road traffic accidents
  • Create FIRST RESPONDERS from amongst the general public who will be trained in Basic Life Support

As a part of the initiative, they have conducted basic awareness programmes in schools & colleges with the objective of educating students on how to handle medical emergencies and how they can be of help to others.

Doctors from KMC, Mangaluru - Dr. Maneesh Rai & Dr. Jeedhu Radhakrishnan along with representatives from Code Craft Technolgies, Mangaluru - Mr. Nikhil Lobo, HR Head, Mr. Sandesh & Mr. Anirudh from the Development Team & Mr. Amal PT, Quality Analyst (An Alumnus of our institution) facilitated the workshop.

Students were apprised on the “SAVIOR” APP which can be downloaded from Play Store. It is a user friendly APP in which the users should Register by updating their details. Incase of emergencies like Accident, Choking, and Cardiac Arrest within their family or amongst the public, they can click on the option “REQUEST” which will intimate the ambulance and the user can track the location of the Ambulance and the time to be taken to reach the location. In the meantime, he/she can give the pre-hospital care as a First Responder. It was conveyed in the workshop that the “First Responder saves the life & not the doctor”. Sahyadri Few of the students have agreed to be Volunteers of SAVIOR and they would undergo a 4 hours training at KMC, Mangaluru on Life Saving Skills.

Dr. Maneesh Rai is a consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist at KMC hospital, Mangaluru. There are only handful electrophysiologists in our country. After completing his MBBS from KMC, he went on to complete his MD in medicine from JIPMER, Pondicherry and DM in Cardiology from Sri Jayadeva Institute, Bengaluru. He further completed his fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology from Sri Jayadeva Institute, Bengaluru and then joined KMC, Mangaluru as an electrophysiologist. He specialises in the management of arrhythmias (disorders of heart rhythm), heart failure and syncope (loss of consciousness).

Dr. Jeedhu Radhakrishnan is an MBBS from Fr. Muller Medical College. He is an MD (Emergency Medicine) from PES Medical College, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. He has completed his Fellowship in Emergency Medicine at St. Johns Medical College. His are of interests are in Toxicology and Trauma.

Three-Day Workshop on "Payroll Administration" for MBA HRs

Three-Day Workshop on Payroll Administration for MBA HRs

A Three-Day workshop on "Payroll Administration" was organized for the MBA HR students. During the day one of the workshop, topics like payroll process, salary register, MIS report, CTC computation & payslip were covered. During the day two Provident Fund, Income Tax, Income Tax filing & Tax calculation report with investment plans were dealt with. On the third day Form 16, TDS, Professional Tax, ESI, Gratuity, Online PF & ESI filing were covered. Before concluding the workshop, test was conducted & certificate was issued. With a workshop of this nature, students have enhanced their knowledge, skill & ability in HR. 24 students participated in the workshop.

Inauguration of Sahyadri Management Student Association (SMSA) and Fresher’s Day Celebration

The Sahyadri Management Student Association (SMSA), of the Department of Business Administration, was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Ananth Pai, Executive Director, Bharath Group for the academic year 2017-18. In his inaugural address, Mr Pai, went nostalgic about his student days and cherished memory down the lane being a President of the student council himself. He started his speech stressing on the three pillars of success i.e., “Satya, Neeti and Dharma”. He said that nobody could find success in his life being de void of these principles. He narrated the history of Bharath Beedi and recounted the story of diversification of Bharath group. Today, Bharath group has found its feet in Retailing, Real Estate, FMCG, Automobile etc. He was proud to announce to the gathering that it was they who have to their credit to bring the Mall culture in a small town like Mangalore. They changed the people’s perception on “Entertainment Quotient” through opening of the first Multiplex theatre in Mangalore. In concluding remarks he said that people need not move out of Mangalore to earn success. This city has umpteenth opportunities and the youngsters should efficiently encash the potential of their home town.

Prof. Abhay Kumar, Academic Coordinator welcomed the gathering. Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Department of Business Administration gave away the introductory remarks and spoke on the various activities initiated by the Department to reshape the students to be Industry ready. Ms. Kshama Hegde, President, SMSA read the plan of action for the entire academic year. Dr. Umesh M Bhushi presided over the function. Mr Ananth Pai florally felicitated all the council members. Cash Prize was distributed to the participants and Winners of IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore and Volunteers of Graduation day to recognize their commitment and hard work. Prof. Deepak. B. E gave away the vote of thanks. Ms. Apoorva Rao hosted the entire programme. All the faculty members and students of Department of Business Administration were present on the occasion.

Fresher’s day was also organized for the MBA new entrants welcoming them with a warm heart into the new world of post-graduation. This event was conducted with the intension to collaborate newly admitted students and seniors. The program was marked by several colourful and entertaining activities. It explored the talent of the students in dancing, singing, and skits, as well as exhibiting their personal talents. The ceremony hosted many dazzling performances by both seniors and juniors.

Inaugural of Weeklong Induction programme for MBA students 2017-19 Batch

A Seven day Induction Programme for the New Entrants to the MBA course for the year 2017-19 Batch commenced in the Campus with Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Department of Business Administration welcoming the students and introducing them to the Sahyadri Institution. Dr. Rashmi Kodikal, the Programme Coordinator gave an insight about Induction and divulged the details of the entire programme.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Rama Prasad, Lead HR - Employee Relations, Infosys shared effective tips on how the students should groom themselves in the two years to a level that is expected by corporate organizations. During his session, he urged the students to create their dream and nurture it. While declaring the induction programme open he emphasized on good character building and advised students to work on the same lines. He highlighted on the core competencies students need to develop during their course of study. Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal in his Presidential Address, urged them not to study MBA but to live MBA.

First session was on “Growth Story of Sahyadri” by the Principal. He stated that greatest education is in learning to unlearn and re-learn and look at life from a holistic perspective. He asked the students to aim at acquiring knowledge in all domains of MBA. He cited various live stories of successful people and told students that failure is the stepping stone of success.

In the post lunch session, Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Department of Business Administration introduced all the faculty members and highlighted their achievements. Post this, committee co-ordinators briefed students about the various committees and their role in each of them.

Leadership Development Programme organized by Department of Business Administration

Leadership Development Programme organized by Department of Business Administration

The One-Day Leadership Development Programme for undergraduate students organized by the Department of Business Administration saw participation from 167 students of various degree colleges. Prof. Prajwala Rodrigues, Faculty coordinator welcomed the gathering to the inaugural ceremony. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. Vineetha Rai K, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru, NSS coordinator, Nodal Officer – Youth Red Cross, Mangalore University. She appreciated the warm and earnest welcome received in Sahyadri and asked the participants to explore the Sahyadri Campus. She congratulated the team for organizing a novel programme and encouraged students to take up leadership roles in their future endeavours.

Mr. Suhan Prasad, Founder, Mango Pickle Entertainment, a film production in Mangaluru graced the occasion as Guest of Honour. He was also the Assistant Director for the Kannada film “Chelapili” and was the director for Tulu movie named “Rang”. He is the producer of the successful running movie ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE. Mr. Suhan Prasad spoke about team management and how to work in a team with people of different mindset. He inspired the students to dream big and made them realize that the biggest duty and responsibility of a leader is to stand back and let others shine. He was delighted and eloquently praised the ideology behind conducting the programme. He narrated his days of struggle and highlighted the hardships he faced to achieve the fruits of success. He beckoned students to rise from their comfort level and chase their dreams.

Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal, in his presidential remarks, quoted a story of JOHN F KENNEDY and his journey of becoming a successful leader. He applauded the efforts of the department for being vibrant in contributing to the society through conducting innovative programmes and helping the students in developing leadership. Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Dept. of Business Administration, in her talk, highlighted the purpose of the day-long event and also gave a brief glimpse of the department. The formal inaugural ceremony was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Prof. Chandrakanth, Faculty coordinator.

The first session was handled by Prof. Mithun Ullal, Dept. of Business Administration on “Leader is a Ladder”. He highlighted that a leader is the one who believes in “WE” rather than “I”. Leader should be Powerful, a motivator and confident in whatever he does. He quoted examples of various personalities like Alexander the great, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Albert Einstein and so on.

The second session of the day was facilitated by Prof. Sushma V, Dept. of Business Administration on “It is neither about EQ nor IQ. It’s all about – “I Can”. The session emphasized on the importance of developing “Can Do” Attitude. Few of the key points stressed upon during the session were SMART Goals, Throw the Box Strategy - Not to think out of the box but to throw the box and think creatively, Enhance Physical, Intellectual & Behavioural Personality, SWOT analysis of self and also on Ethics & Values. The entire session underlined the importance of Self Belief and “Can Do” attitude as a stepping stone to success. Post this, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, Chairman, Bhandary Foundation addressed the gathering and said that anybody could become a leader if they diligently work towards it. He also said that one must be good citizens and good children to one’s parents. One of the most important qualities of a leader is to be optimistic which would drive anyone to be positive throughout their life and spread only positive messages to others.

The final session was handled by Prof. Ankith S Kumar, Student Counsellor on the topic “Empowering the youth towards excellence”. The speaker reckoned the names of renowned personalities like Indira Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Narayana Murthy etc. He narrated the ups and down faced by them as a Leader. He also encouraged students to be a risk taker and practice patience and humbleness in one’s life.

The programme was concluded with a brief valedictory session which included certificate distribution and opinion sharing from participants.

One-Day Faculty Development Programme organized by Dept. of Business Administration

One-Day Faculty Development Programme organized by Dept. of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration organized a One-Day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “The Making of a Teacher and the Art of Teaching” for faculty members of various undergraduate colleges in & around Mangaluru. A total of 53 teachers participated in the programme. Prof. Abhaya Kumar, Faculty coordinator welcomed the gathering to the inaugural ceremony. The FDP & Sahyadri Journal of Management (SJOM) with an ISSN 2456-9151 was inaugurated by Dr. Yatheesh Kumar, Associate Professor, University College, Mangaluru. In his inaugural address, Dr. Yatheesh urged the teachers to groom students who come with an idea which can take them to greater heights. He said that the focus should be on creativity, original thinking, innovation and research which he felt was missing in the current education system. He stimulated the participants to utilize the essence of the FDP and transform the current situation to an effective education system.

Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal, in his presidential remarks, kept the facts in front of the teachers that Indian kids have creative thinking till the age of 5 which dies off by the age of 15, hence it is the teacher who needs to introspect and work out measures to overcome this challenge during the ten years of education system. Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Dept. of Business Administration, in her talk, highlighted the purpose of the day-long event and also gave a brief glimpse of the department. She also shared her real life example of how she evolved as an effective Teacher from being new to the profession 21 years ago. The formal inaugural ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Prof. Padmanabha B, Faculty coordinator.

The first session was facilitated by Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal on “Professionalism in Teaching”. In his session, he highlighted that the sense of belongingness leads to transformation of education and urged the teachers to make education enjoyable.

The second session was facilitated by Prof. Mithun Ullal, Dept. of Business Administration on “Engage & Encourage the Teenage”. In his session, he emphasised on rigorous reading and knowledge is the best weapon to change the world.

The last session was facilitated by Mr. Ankith S Kumar, Student Counsellor on “Happy Home, Happy Work”. He re-iterated the ten commandments of being Happy. He also emphasised on the importance of being Happy in Life and at work which in turn contributes in shaping the lives of millions.

Post this, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, Chairman, Bhandary Foundation addressed the teachers and stimulated them to be passionate about teaching and be a role model to youth. The programme concluded with a brief valedictory session which included certificate distribution and opinion sharing from participants.

Sahyadri Journal of Management (SJOM) officially launched with Vol. 1, Issue 1

Sahyadri Journal of Management (SJOM) officially launched with Vol. 1, Issue 1

Sahyadri Journal of Management (SJOM) Volume 1, Issue 1 was officially launched on September 7th, 2017 with ISSN No. 2456-9151. SJOM is an open access multidisciplinary biannual online journal. The journal was started with the objective to create an interface between various disciplines and promote thought provoking research. The current issue includes five empirically backed articles from various fields like Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and Medical Sciences.

The Chief Editor, Dr. Rashmi Kodikal, Professor, Department of Business Administration on behalf of the Editorial Board thanks the author's of the articles, reviewers of the current issue & Advisory Board members. Special thanks to Mr. Vasanth Kedige, Mr. Sanjay Suvarna & Ms. Savitha for designing the Journal, Mr. Raghupathi Sidojji & Mr. Loyed Donath Alvares for uploading the articles and maintaining the website and Prof. Chandrakanth, Dept. of Business Administration for designing the layout of the Journal. The Journal is now available at

Digital Marketing Workshop for MBAs

Digital Marketing Workshop for MBAs

During the Day One of the Digital Marketing Workshop for MBAs organized by CarpeDiem IIMC & Makeintern, Mr. Kumar MS, IIMC Certified Digital Marketing & E-Business Mentor introduced the participants to the term of Digital Marketing and its contribution to business. He briefed the students that E-Commerce existed many years ago, however gained its importance only after the year 2011 when the Internet Revolution happened. In India, 30% of the population has access to internet since majority of the population is below the age group of 35. He cited examples of Online Marketing companies which has a valuation of more than one billion dollars and they have only one source and that is the website through which they carry out their business operations. Starting a company has now become easy. Just launch a website and kick start operations online.

During the afternoon session, he introduced the students to the Digital Marketing tools through which they could brand their organization/products. They had hands-on experience on designing a page, logos and posts. 39 students participated in the training and on completion shall be issued a certificate from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC) and Makeintern. Apart from this, the Top 5 students through the evaluation process shall be sponsored by Makeintern to participate in Carpe Diem 2017-18, a management fest organized by IIM Calcutta in Jan-Feb 2018.

Three-Day Placement Workshop for MBAs

Final year MBA students are undergoing a Three-Day Placement Workshop facilitated by three Trainers from “Practical Trainers”, Bengaluru. It is a leading training provider in Bengaluru with experience of training more than 10,000 students across various campuses.

Mr. Amit Gupta, Engineering from Delhi School of Economics and MBA from IIT Chennai has an overall experience of more than 12 years in Corporate where he leads the Marketing Team of Campus hiring of Wipro. Currently, Amit works for IBM.

Mr. Sampat Kumar, an industry practitioner with close to 20 years of experience has spent majority of his career in the area of Human Resource Management with experience in companies like Mphasis, Bosch, Software AG. He currently heads the HR function at Lapp India Pvt Ltd.

Manish Jha is a Sales & Marketing champion who did his MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management. With over 12 years of experience in Insurance, Consulting, Travel & Food-Tech, Manish leads the team at “Practical Trainers”.

Day One of the workshop had a session on Career in Marketing, the skill sets of the profile, job opportunities in Marketing and also inputs on how students should prepare themselves for a Marketing Profile. Post this session, students were apprised on frequently asked questions during a face to face interview and how these questions should be addressed in the most pleasing manner. Group Discussion rounds were also held.

Bridge Course for MBA Batch 2017-19

Bridge Course for MBA Batch 2017-19 kick started today. Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Dept. Of Business Administration welcomed the students and in her talk, mentioned the key notes regarding the achievements of the institution in placements, pedagogy adopted, the faculty blend of both industry & academics and also about the uniqueness of Sahyadri MBA. Post this, Mr. Ankith S Kumar, Student Counsellor facilitated a session on Self Awareness which urged the students to evaluate self before they begin their MBA course. Meanwhile, the students also undertook online personality test through They were then divided in 10 Teams accommodating a blend of student personalities in a group. The afternoon session was facilitated by Mr. Abhijith Karkera, Managing Partner & Marketing Head, VIBRANT MINDS on Communication and Presentation.

Eighth Graduation Day Celebrated in the Campus

Eighth Graduation Day Celebrated in the Campus

The Eighth Graduation Day for the graduating students of MBA, MCA & M.TECH was held in the Campus. Two Hundred & Sixty students took an oath and received their graduation certificates from the Guest – Mr. Vidhya Shankar, Executive Director, Grant Thornton India LLP.

Mr. Vidhya Shankar, Executive Director, Grant Thornton India LLP would be the Chief Guest of the Graduation Ceremony. Mr. Vidhya Shankar is an MBA in General Management & Strategy from Cranfield University - Cranfield School of Management, UK. He has also completed his M.Sc (Hons) from BITS-PILANI. He is a management professional backed with entrepreneurial spirit and exposure to international markets. He is also a client engagement leader with proven strategic consulting and innovation skills. He has worked with start-ups as well as large global organisations. Prior to Grant Thornton India LLP, he worked in NASSCOM, enabling the India start-up ecosystem to address enterprise growth, VC investments, new markets discovery, skill development and supported various objectives of Digital India initiative. He was also a Chief Marketing Officer at Xcode Life Sciences. Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal, Prof. Balakrishna S S, Vice-Principal, Dr. J V Gorbal, Dean Academics, and Head of All Departments graced the occasion. Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal welcomed the gathering and inspired students to trust themselves, follow their passion and also stay true to their self. He thanked the parents for the bestowed confidence on Sahyadri and supporting our institution throughout the journey. He concluded his speech by saying that Education is not a degree but a channel that makes an individual a respectful citizen with values.

Mr. Vidhya Shankar in his address to the graduating students stated that a Big World lies ahead of them. They have a bright future and should start believing in it. Belief is the most important thing. He attributes success to the value system and stimulated students to inculcate humility in their life. He also encouraged them to be accountable to the society and then to the nation as it has enormous contribution from years of civilization. He said that these students are not only the brand ambassadors of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management but also the brand ambassadors of the country. He urged the students to discover what their true passions are and spend time on nurturing them. He also referred to students as Charcoal when they first started their course at Sahyadri, then went through a lot of stress and hard work which has now transformed them to a diamond. He concluded his talk by saying – “Follow your life, dreams & passion”.

Graduating students volunteered to share their experiences during the course of their study at Sahyadri and also assured to join hands with the institution in the form on industry-academia connects that shall contribute to the growth of the college.

PGCET Training Programme organized by Department of Business Administration

During the Inaugural programme of Two-Day PGCET Training, Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Department of Business Administration welcomed the gathering and gave a brief of our institution and the department. Prof. Sushma V, Faculty co-ordinator of the programme shared the relevance of conducting this training and also the schedule for the next two days. Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal, encouraged the participants to consider the training as learning for life and enjoy the learning process.

Sessions were held on four areas of PGCET - Quantitative Analysis, Reasoning and General Intelligence, General Knowledge & Proficiency in English Grammar



Ms Prajna A, 2013-2015 batch student of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management has bagged the fourth rank in the MBA Examinations conducted by Visvesvaraya Technical University, Belagavi. She will be awarded with a gold medal in the presence of the Governor at the 15th Annual Convocation of VTU in Belagavi on May 27, 2016. She has achieved this by scoring 79.08% marks. It’s a proud moment for Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management as Ms Prajna A. is the only candidate to secure a rank in the entire Mangaluru Region. Ms.Prajna was recruited by KPMG through campus placement and currently is working as Associate 1. She is handling investment related audit-specific to clients “Prudential Funds” and NB Alternatives Primary Funds and also core EGPA process- e-Audit GDC procedure analysis.