MBA Programme Outcome’s

PO1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

PO2: Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.

PO3: Ability to develop value-based leadership ability.

P04: Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of Business.

PO5: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organisation goals, contributing Effectively to a team environment.

PO6: Ability to process and analyse the data using modern tools.

PO7: Apply the concepts of effective communication and engage in lifelong learning.

Teaching Faculty of MBA

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Vishal Samartha Professor & Head BBM, M.Com , MHRM, M.Phil, Ph.D
2 Dr. Sukanya Rao Associate Professor B. Com, M. Com, Ph.D
3 Dr. V. Anandavel Associate Professor B.Com, MBA, PGDCA, Ph.D
4 Dr. P Aranganathan Associate Professor BE, MBA, NET, Ph.D
5 Dr. B Elamurugan Associate Professor BCA, MBA, PGDMM, Ph.D
6 Mr. Ramesh K G Assistant Professor B.Com, LLB, MBA, (PhD)
7 Mr. Padmanabha B Assistant Professor BA, MBA, M.A., FC In HRD, FC in HRD
8 Mrs. Sushma. V Assistant Professor B.Com, DCA, M.Com, PGDIM, PGDHRM, K-SET(UGC), (Ph.D)
9 Mrs. Pooja Yashwanth Rai Assistant Professor B.Com, MBA
10 Mr. Samarth Shenoy B Assistant Professor BBM, MBA, M.Com, (Ph.D)
11 Mr. Pavan Kumar Hegde Assistant Professor BE, MBA
12 Mr. Manjunatha Kamath M Assistant Professor BBM, MBA, PGDMM, PGDHRM, M.Com
13 Ms. Susanna Zeena D Silva Assistant Professor BA, MBA, MA
14 Ms. Suchithra Assistant Professor BBM, MBA
15 Ms. Monisha Shetty Assistant Professor B Com, M Com, NET
16 Ms. Prathima Assistant Professor B B M, MBA
17 Ms. Akshitha Assistant Professor B. Com, MBA
18 Ms. Akshatha P Assistant Professor B.Com, M.Com


# Name Industry/Organization Affiliation
1 Dr. Ushaprabha N. Nayak Expert Group Vice Chair-Person
2 MR. Nilakantan Govindan Coal Bed Methane & Pipelines Reliance Industry limited Vice President HR
3 Mr. Srikanth Kalyanasundaram John Cockerill India Limited Deputy General Manager, Human Resources
4 Mr. Jagan Mohan Brigade Group, Bengaluru Former Senior Vice President-HR
5 Mr. Ashok V Bharadwaj Stallion LGSF Machines Director & CEO
6 Prof HV Dinesh Prasad Noble group of Institutions, Bangalore Founder & chairman
7 Mr. Ganesh Rao, Empowering . People Knowledge LLP, Bangalore Payroll, Finance & Accounts Trainer
8 Mr. Vishal Patel Metricstream, Bangalore Associate Director
9 Mr Rahul P.Singh Tycho Investing & Artha Chanakya Founder
10 Dr Raja K G Libeyfashionz Proprietor


# Name Industry/Organization
1 Mr. K Ullas Kamath Joint Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, Bengaluru
2 Mr Ananth Ravi Former Senior Vice President of Reliance Industries limited
Mentor for Sahyadri Group of industries
3 Mr Raman Madhok Business Strategist
4 CA Y.Sudhir Kumar Shetty Ex President, UAE Exchange

1. Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP

Ms. Sushma V, Designated Partner
Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, Designated Partner
Dr. Vishal Samartha, Designated Partner

Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP is a start-up of MBA Department at Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, catering to various sectors in terms of Consultancy, Staffing, Training, Content Writing and Industry-Academia Connects. The company is lead by MBA Faculty and driven by MBA students. With the practical exposure that the students get at “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP”, they would not only be Employable, but Deployable and even Billable in the corporate organizations.
Today, start-up culture is gaining popularity with technical experts venturing into it. With the growth and expansion of these firms, there arises a need for Managing Human Resources and streamlining policies and procedures for the smooth functioning of the enterprise. “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP” will provide end-to-end HR solutions to such organizations.

In addition to this, well established firms can outsource their lateral hiring requirements for Managerial talents to “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP” to meet their head count and competency requirement.

With the growing need for ‘Future Skills’ freezed by NASSCOM, it’s imperative for the institutes running PUC, UG and PG courses to up-skill their students and contribute to the Talent Pool of the nation. “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP” will provide need-based training to institutions as well as Corporate houses and assist in scaling up in the competitive business environment.

Digitalization is the need of the hour and every business is on Digital Mode contributing to organizational efficiency. With this growing trend, ‘Content Writing’ plays a key role in imparting the information of the business to the customers/clients and stakeholders. “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP” has extended its services in Content Writing as well providing quality Content writing services to businesses in all sectors.

AICTE has emphasized on Industry-Academia Connects to bridge the gap if any in Academics. This requires that the institutes organize industry connects for the students and strengthen relationship with the industry. “Sahyadri HR Solutions LLP” will facilitate Industry Visits and Connects with Corporate Heads.

Objectives/Purpose of the LLP:

  • 1. To give Consultancy Services in various domains of HR.
  • 2. To provide Staffing Solutions at Entry level and Lateral Hiring.
  • 3. To grant Training Services.
  • 4. To offer Content Writing services.
  • 5. To facilitate Industry-Academia Connects through Industry Visits for Schools & Colleges.

2. Sahyadri Capital Advisors LLP

Sahyadri Capital

About Us

Sahyadri Capital Advisors LLP is a group firm of Sahyadri Institute of Engineering & Management providing financial & nonfinancial services. The main aim of this firm is to create conducive environment for financial inclusion and innovation and facilitate the students and the faculty fraternity to capitalize the real time exposure towards the different financial products and services available in the financial market.
Our Emphasis is mainly on wealth creation and the customer care by providing sound professional advice to the client with the application of advanced technology and digitization.

Our Products


Equity represents the shareholders stake in the company. Equity can be categorized as either the market value of equity or book value. When an investment is publicly traded, market value is readily available. Interested parties can also have a valuation done to estimate market value. Equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding of shares of stock on a stock market by individuals and firms in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains.

F & O

Futures and Options are derivatives products. Futures and options on stocks and indices offered by exchanges such as NSE and BSE. A stock futures contract facilitates purchase or sale of a stock at a preset price for delivery on a later date. A option is a contract that gives the right but not an obligation with regard to buying or selling the underlying asset.

Mutual Fund

Mutual fund is a vehicle for mobilizing investors ' money, investing in various industries and securities, in line with the agreed investment goal, between the mutual fund and shareholders.


Insurance is a legal contract between two parties, i.e. the insurer and the insured. In this, the insurance company promises to compensate the insured's losses on the occurrence of the insured contingency. The contingency is the event that creates a loss. It may be the policyholder's death or property damage / destruction.

Our Services

Financial Education, Training & Certification (NISM)

NISM Certification programs are designed to improve the performance and norms of professionals and provide a structured learning plan and career route for learners and work seekers wishing to create a professional career in the securities market. The firm also takes initiatives by creating financial education in rural areas.

Financial Advisory & Consultation Services

The company provides individual and corporate financial advisory services. Initiating the development of multiple corporate consultancy facilities in and around Mangalore.

Internship / Research / Innovation

Postgraduate and undergraduate internship program. Facilitating research and innovation by offering stock market and insurance related information.

Tax Consulancy & Fintech

Sahyadri capital consultants provide a platform for finance & banking associated techniques. The company also carries out the completion of tax returns under the tax consultancy services.


Sahyadri College Campus, Adyar,
Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada,
Karnataka, 575007, India
9449845904 / 0824-2277722

Faculty Publications

Dr. Vishal Samartha

National Journal

No of National : 15

 1.  Mapping blood supply chain: Systematic literature review using Bibliometric Visualization techniques, International Conference on Global health and Medical Tourism, 2019, ISBN: 978-81-926239-8-6

2.  Samartha V (2016) ‘Competency mapping for management students in the present business scenario’ at the International conference on recent developments and emerging trends in Management research and information science organised at Krupanidhi School of management, Bangalore on 29th and 30th November 2016 published with ISBN -978-93-85640-83-4


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International Journals:

No of International : 17

1. Vishal samartha,  Measuring the effect size of coefficient of determination and predictive relevance of Exogenous latent variables on endogenous latent variables through PLS-SEM, International Journal of Pure and applied mathematics,Volume 119, Issue. 18. Special Issue 2018 ISSN No.1311-8080, E-ISSN No. 1314-3395.

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Dr. V. Anandavel

National Journal

No of National : 3

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International Journals:

No of International : 9

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Dr. P Aranganathan

National Journal

No of National : 2

1.    An article titled “Conceptual Framework of Mobile Marketing: Spamming the consumer around the world” got published in the ‘Indian Journal of Marketing ’Volume 41, Issue-2, Feb 2011, pages 39-45.

2.  A research article titled “Employee Attrition: Exploring the dimensions in the urban centric Indian BPO Industry” got published in the ‘Journal of Indian Management and Strategy’, Volume-18, Issue-4, Oct-Dec., 2013, pages 4-12.

International Journals:

No of International : 19

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Dr. B Elamurugan

National Journal

No of National : 1

    B. Elamurugan, A. Mathiazhagan & R.H.Latha. (2015). The Effect of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour on Employee Empowerment among the Employees of India Cements, Chennai. Journal of Exclusive Management Science, Vol.4 (4), April 2015, pp.1-10, ISSN: 2277-5684

International Journals:

No of International : 7

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Mr. Padmanabha B

National Journal

No of National : 8

1.         Paper titled “Rejuvenating the Startup Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  to achieve ‘Make in India’ at the National conference on “  Exploring Innovative Management Practices to Achieve Make in India” Published  by  MSNM Besant Institute of Management, Bondel, Mangaluru, ISBN

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5.         Paper titled “Rejuvenating the Startup Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  to achieve ‘Make in India’ at the National conference on “  Exploring Innovative Management Practices to Achieve Make in India” Published  by  MSNM Besant Institute of Management, Bondel, Mangaluru, ISBN

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International Journals:

No of International : 0


Mrs. Sushma. V

National Journal

No of National : 4

1. Challenges in Recruitment & Selection, an Observational Study in BPO/ITO sector, Mangalore published in Global Research Review: Journal of Innovative Research in Commerce and Management, Volume 2, 2016 (ISSN: 2250-2521)

2.  Published a Research Paper titled - “EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY USING GALLUP’s Q12 MODEL IN HEALTH CARE UNIT, MANGALURU” in Sahyadri Journal of Management (SJOM) Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2018, ISSN No. 2456 – 9151

3.    Published a Research Paper titled - “Job Enrichment and Work Outcomes – A Study in a Chemical Factory in Mangalore” in International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) Volume 5, Issue 4, Dec 2017, ISSN No. 2320 – 2882 


4.   Published a Research Article titled – “An observational study on Employee Attrition, a major challenge in BPO/ITO sector, Mangaluru” in Journal of Management Studies and Academic Research, Volume 2, ISSN: 2455 4960

International Journals:

No of International : 4

1. "Systematic Literature Review Of Blood Supply Chain Using Bibliometric Visualization Techniques" in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH    

2. International Conference on Agri Business Management-opportunities and Challenges organized by Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management on October 9th-14th, 2014. Presentation Topic: Agri Supply Chain Management. Paper published in Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-81-930547-0-3. 

3.    Presented a Research paper titled - "A Conceptual study on the importance of Competency Mapping for Management Students in the Present Business Scenario" in an International Conference on "Recent Developments & Emerging Trends in Management Research & Information Science - NOVITAT 2016" organized by Krupanidhi School of Management, Bengaluru and the same is published with ISBN -978-93-85640-83-4 

4.    A CONCEPTUAL STUDY ON THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPETENCY MAPPING FOR MANAGEMENT STUDENTS IN THE PRESENT BUSINESS SCENARIO at NOVITAT 2016 - ISBN: 978-93-85640-83-4 International Conference on "Recent Developments Emerging Trends in Management Research & Information Science" 29th & 30th November 2016 Archers & Elevators Publishing House 


Ms. Akshatha P

National Journal

No of National : 1

'A study on the evolution of GST in India' Sahyadri Journal of Management, volume 3, Issue 1, June 2019, ISSN No.2456-9151

International Journals:

No of International : 2

1. 'Performance of Mutual Funds: A comparative study on the selected Mutual Funds in India', International Conference on "Emerging Global Trends in Accounting, Finance and Taxation", Published in 'Studies in Indian Place Names with ISSN no. 2394-3114, vol: 40, issue: 40: March, 2020.

2. 'A study on the perception of faculty members on Blended Learning: An emerging trend in higher education', International Conference on 'Future Dimensions in Higher Education - A Quantum leap in Technology' ISBN: 978-81-9401365-9-5, vol:1; issue :1


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