Guest Lecture for MBAs - "Impact of Psychology on Learning & Development"

Prof. Sandra Lobo, Head of Department-Psychology, School of Social Works, Roshni Nilaya, Valencia, Mangaluru, addressed the second year MBA HR students on the topic “Impact of Psychology on Learning & Development”. She briefed the students on the linkage of Psychology and Learning & Development and also stated the various models of Learning. She gave several real life examples to emphasize the importance of the subject and urged the students to nurture their people skills to become a successful HR Professional. In her session, she also spoke on the influence of the age factor on the learning cycle. She advised students to follow conventions and ethics throughout their career and pursue it with passion and endless learning. The session was concluded with a brief question & answer. Students were overwhelmed by the knowledge of the speaker & thanked her for her insightful presentation.

Founder of A1 Logics speaks to the MBAs

Founder of A1 Logics speaks to the MBAs - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Praveen Udupa, founder and technical director of A1 Logics, Software Company addressed the MBA Students. Mr. Praveen Udupa is a B.E and has also done M.Tech. He spoke to students on the challenges of being an entrepreneur and the skills required to be successful as an entrepreneur. Students were given tips on how to choose the right strategies for business and how to be self motivated. He also urged the students to work hard and be successful in life. This session was organized to develop students as leaders.

Industry Expert interacts with MBA-HR students

Industry Expert interacts with MBA-HR students - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Ms. Karishma Suvarna, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at VoiceGlance, MResult Services Pvt Ltd, Mangaluru addressed the MBA HR students on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), an external source of recruitment and also the Step-by-Step Workflow of Talent Acquisition (Procuring the Job requirements from the clients till closing the open position).

She enlightened the students on Active Candidates & Passive Candidates in terms of sourcing the profiles for any open position through Social Networking sites, Job Portals and also LinkedIn. She also highlighted how a Job Description is designed, posted on Job Portals, Screening is done on these portals with key words, sourcing of candidates for further round of telephonic interview and then putting forward the selected candidates to the clients for final selection.

She urged the students to prepare a checklist prior to engaging in the task of sourcing the candidates. It was an interactive session with various queries related to Sourcing Process being answered by the speaker based on the real life scenario. Students were also persuaded to take up Talent Acquisition jobs if such opportunities are available as they provide greater scope for growth in career. This session gave a chance to the MBA-HR students to learn the practical applicability of Recruitment theory and concepts.

With seven years of total work experience, Karishma worked with Mphasis Pvt Ltd, Mangaluru as a Project Trainer, Soft Skills Trainer and also Quality Analyst prior to MResult Services Pvt Ltd.

Dr TN Prakash Kammardi, Chairman, Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission addressed MBA students

Dr TN Prakash Kammardi, Chairman, Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission addressed MBA students - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Dr. TN Prakash Kammardi, Chairman, Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission, Bengaluru addressed the MBA students on new paradigms in agriculture. He emphasized on the fact that not many post graduates would seek agriculture as a career avenue as there is huge demarcation between industry & agriculture. The major difference between agriculture and industry is based on the emphasis on land, labour, capital & organization. He called agriculture as the biological industry. He said that farmers are gambling with the monsoon & middle men. The need of the hour is to turn the young mind towards agriculture rather than industry only. He also stressed on ideas that will reduce our dependence on the nature. He was pointing towards bore wells, construction of big dams and use of available natural resources. He also enlightened the crowd with facts that government is trying its best to encourage the agricultural sector. Few of these are 100% government sponsored programme that work towards the welfare and creating strong knowledge in the subject area. Banks are offering loans on subsidised rate, Role of APMC in distribution and marketing of agricultural products.

Mr. Kammardi focused on modernizing the agriculture and the status of agriculture is based on the following steps :

  • Contract farming
  • Cooperatives
  • Farmer producer companies
  • Strengthening the coolective bargaining capacity of farmers.

He concluded by stating that farmers should become price makers rather than price takers. Ms. Tejaswini, Wife of Mr. Prakash Kammardi also graced the occasion and answered many of the students queries related to floriculture and vertical farming

Assistant Commissioner, GST, Mangaluru South Division addresses MBA students on GST

A session on GST for MBA students was facilitated by Mr. Shreyas K M, Assistant Commissioner, Goods & Service Tax, Mangaluru South Division. In his talk, he outlined the importance of GST, Challenges in implementing GST and also the Types of Tax Rates. He mentioned that every citizen wants a civilized society, hence the government collects tax. He also mentioned the significance of collecting tax in India unlike some other countries that collect donations. He highlighted that the major spending of the Government is on Indian Army which protects the nation and hence it becomes our moral responsibility towards tax. Government has a power on certain portion of the money held by an individual. The current GST structure focuses on “Take it from the have’s and distribute it among the have not’s”. He appreciated the Government in their attempt to wealth re-distribution. While quoting the example of cigarette which falls under high tax bracket, he mentioned that GST has influenced change in behaviour related to sin products/goods.

He also created awareness among the students about how the ignorant are exploited by the learned for Registering to GST. This is a user friendly process initiated by the Government; however the agencies are charging high against free registration online for GST. He walked the students through the various Tax Rates – Nil-Rated, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%+cess. Session concluded with Q&A wherein students brought into light the issues faced by them with the implementation of GST and the Assistant Commissioner welcomed any complaints with regards to fraudulent activities that we come across in the name of GST.

CTO of Tayana Software Solutions speaks to the MBAs

CTO of Tayana Software Solutions speaks to the MBAs - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Rathan Rao Pathur, Chief Technical Officer, Tayana Software Solutions addressed the 1st year MBAs. He emphasised on the advancement of technology that has made life easier. He said while engineering is about thinking out of the box and being innovative, MBA is being more practical. He urged MBAs to have curiosity which leads to building case studies. When students ask “Why” questions, there comes involvement and further receives information and brings out innovation. Companies now look out for MBA Technocrats. He advised students to visit industries and get an exposure in a LIVE working environment along with a structured questionnaire including questions on HR, Marketing & Finance.

Talk on “Youth’s Role in Pollution Mitigation”

Talk on 'Youth’s Role in Pollution Mitigation' - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Prof. K Raghottama Rao, Director & Founder ‘Seek of’, Founder of Manas Centre for Training & Development enlightened the minds of students on their role in pollution mitigation. He is an amateur naturalist, film maker & trainer for corporate organizations, teachers & students. Mr. Arjun from the team Swacch Bharath was also present during the session.

Mr. Rao started off saying “Indians don’t have oral hygiene cause our ancestors used salt & charcoal back then & currently we have Colgate using the same ingredients for their products”. He highlighted the fact that consumerism is the main cause of pollution. Youngsters, these days, shop online and the packaging used for it has just added up to trash. He applauded Sahyadri saying “it’s a brand producing many brands under it, through its students and we could actually ponder upon and mitigate pollution in many ways”. He showed a clipping which mainly concentrated on gesture and the actions of many people. The essence of the video was to keep the thoughts clean as they reflect what we do. He urged students to declare Sahyadri Campus as plastic free & litter free. He also encouraged students to observe a No Vehicle Day and he would surely support us for this cause. He concluded by encouraging students that Youth can bring lot of changes.

MBA Alumna addresses the students

MBA Alumna addresses the students - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Ruchiga V, an Alumna of 2015 MBA batch currently recruited by an Oman Based Pipe Manufacturing company as an HR Executive interacted with the MBAs.

During her talk, she urged the students to pursue maximum number of projects during the course of their study as the current trend in selection process is basis the experiences the candidate has apart from the MBA curriculum. She also highlighted the importance of online courses that are available for free and which the MBA faculty constantly insist on pursuing the course. These shall add great value to the profile and help in grooming to be versatile. She added, the Daily News Analysis being carried out at Sahyadri has inculcated a culture of reading business news as a daily routine and feels incomplete without reading business news of the day after graduating from Sahyadri. This has equipped her to perform well in her GD round of interview.


A COUPLE ADORNING TOP PROFILE IN UAE INTERACT WITH THE MBA'S - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management A COUPLE ADORNING TOP PROFILE IN UAE INTERACT WITH THE MBA'S - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Fiduciary, Dubai & Ms. Janet Naveed, Head HR, DynCorp International (US Federal Defence contracting company) FZ-LLC, Dubai interacted with the first year MBA students on Interview Skills, Self-Grooming and on matters relating to Cross Cultural Setting.

Janet, in her talk while stimulating the students expressed that she was an introvert, however moved up the career ladder and now heading the HR function of a renowned US-based organisation. She emphasised on how important it is to grab opportunities to kick start one’s career which shall add great value in procuring a job abroad. She stressed on bringing innovative initiatives/practices at job that can assist in high performance delivery. She even urged the students to spend quality time on designing their CV and the significance of dressing appropriately for the interview. She mentioned that one should be high on confidence level as they are MBAs, spent huge amount for this degree and they are the pass outs of a renowned institution.

Naveed, in his talk urged students to study for life and not to pass out. He encouraged them to go out of their way to read concepts out of the syllabus which can add immense value in reality. He gave the relevance of how a King and a Queen dresses up in order to stand out which in turn boost their confidence. He highlighted that each individual is different and that they should make use of their brains to be unique. He shared anecdotes which brought out the cultural differences between practices in India and UAE. He also referred to Life as a Race and one should pick up experiences that come their way during the race for a better career.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Renjit Keshav, Leadership Coach & Managing Director at Insight Job Guru addressed the First and Second year MBA students. His talk pointed upon several key characteristics that an MBA aspirant must carry. He said that the most essential quality of a great leader is his attitude and efforts towards people, situations and life. He differentiated between “being the best” and “being great”. He beckoned students to choose to be great personalities and touch lives of others significantly instead of just being the best in whichever field they opt to be in. He recalled few great personalities and asked the students to replicate their achievements. He asked the students to have “Right Intentions” in life as they would act as a guiding force to reach better heights in their life. He narrated practical stories of ordinary people displaying extraordinary efforts whereby he tried to convey a strong message that - when intentions are right the results will also be right. He said Decision Making and Leadership are not bound by qualification but by the right attitude and presence of mind. The session was very well received by students and they were spellbound by the energy of the speaker.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Corporate Connect, a One Day Workshop for MBA's was conducted for the final year MBA students by Mr. Anoop Kumar, Senior Analyst - Global Learning & Development, Mphasis Limited, Mangalore.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Ms. Karishma Suvarna, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at VoiceGlance, MResult, Mangalore addressed the Sahyadri MBA students on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), An external source of recruitment and also the Step-by-Step Workflow of Talent Acquisition (Procuring the Job requirements from the clients till closing the open position).


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Prof. B.V. Raghunandan, subject matter expert of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company addressed second year MBA finance students on the topic “Mutual fund Investment”. In his session he discussed about the working model of mutual funds, criteria’s to select the best fund, fund category, switching between funds and other aspects of Mutual Fund Investment. It was a very interactive learning session.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Sunil Kumar Bedi, Partner, Edelweiss Financial Consulting Firm, Mangalore took a session on “Stock Market Investment in India” for second year MBA finance students. In his talk, he shared few useful tips on how to invest in stock markets. He asked the students to be prudent investors and advised them to device their theoretical knowledge and analyse the stock performance before investing in order to earn profit in market. During his session he showed LIVE trading in stock market and explained various concepts related to it.He motivated them to engage themselves in share market regularly and keenly observe the market for right investment decisions.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

UBER Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops markets and operates the UBER mobile "app", which allows consumers with smart phones to submit a trip request, which the software program then automatically sends to the UBER driver nearest to the consumer, alerting the driver to the location of the customer.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Department of Business Administration organised a Guest Lecture on Goods & Service Tax (GST), a landmark tax reform legislation, post independence. CA Nandagopal Shenoy, a leading Chartered Accountant and Indirect Tax expert of Mangalore was the guest speaker. In his lecture he emphasized on the current tax structure, implication of GST on the tax regime, items which will be impacted post GST implementation and also about the benefits State Government will reap from it. He also explained the process of GST Act implementation and how the tax structure will be bifurcated into Central, State and Integrated GST bill. The lecture was followed by Question and Answer session.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

The Department of Business Administration organized a two-Day Enablement Workshop for the students of final year MBA in collaboration with the resource persons like Mr. Mohan Kumar, Practice Head, Wipro Technologies and Mr. Ashok Bhat, Director, Cognizant Technologies. The workshop curriculum was based on experiential learning, video-based learning and learning by direct experience sharing. Some of the topics included, fundamentals of leadership, goal setting, importance of communication skills – Oral, Written, Body language, Building Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem. The workshop also gave insight into business analytics, mock technical and HR interviews, GD and etiquette. Mr. Bijal Chhaya, Principal Consultant - Leadership & People Sciences, Wipro Technologies, conducted a parallel session for the faculty members of the department on “Seeing Adaptive Leadership through multiple lenses” wherein he emphasized that an individual should have a self-belief and be strong under the skin – “who you are and what you want to become”. This will make him/her sustainable for life. He focused on the four modes of leadership i.e. Technical Leadership, Co-operative Leadership, Collaborative Leadership and Innovative Leadership. He stressed on the fact that as individuals the focus is primarily on “What & How” of a scenario, however, focus should also be shifted to “Why and Who”. He re-iterated that students are diversified with different background and different interest. Their curiosity should be appreciated and should stimulate them to be creative. He concluded the session by stating that “Teachers are the life blood of the success of an institute and hence they should teach in a manner in which students learn”. The workshop has laid the foundation for the students to prepare for job interviews and had many takeaways during the two days.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

J Sanjeev Kumar, Senior HR Manager, TESCO, Bangalore, delivered a guest lecture to the MBA students of Finance, HR and Core Finance on the topic `Corporate Expectations from Fresh Graduates.’ He spoke on the changing work environment in the corporate world and growing expectation from the fresh knowledge workers. He also touched on key skills a candidate must possess while entering into the new world of business.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Raghavendra K., Unit Head Operations, Future Group, delivered a guest lecture on retail management. He enlightened the students on different formats of retail management, career in retail and skills set expected from fresh post graduates in the retail sector.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr Zeeshan Ramlan, Lead HR, Infosys, addressed the final year students MBA on the role of HR in the IT industry. He briefed the students on life in the IT industry and gave a bird’s eye view on corporate expectations from the freshers.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Amithabh Vyas, fellow classmate during graduation of Dr. Vishal Samartha, Professor, Department of Business Administration, addressed the final year MBA students. He is a Masters in Organisational Behaviour from Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom. He is currently working as Head HR, Dubai Airport - Formulating HR Policies and Procedures, Learning & Development. In his talk he asked the students not to study for ranks, by doing so they gain ranks however failing in core concepts. He urged the students to take part in all team/group activities. He gave an insight into vision, mission and values of an organisation. He asked the students to have a purpose listed at the beginning of every year, evaluate with the inner voice and start believing it. He told the students to put their thinking hats on and prioritize between knowledge, skills and abilities. As per his research, abilities are more important than knowledge and skills since knowledge and skills are negotiable. Students should learn the art of showing their abilities during an interview. He asked the students to choose between money and career and asked them to sacrifice money to build a career initially and that money just follows. He motivated the students to start mentally behaving like managers, even as they are pursuing MBA.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr.Awad Baksh Regional Sales Manager for Nissan, Suhail Bhawan Automobiles, Muscat Oman addressed the Marketing students of 2nd year MBA on the 'Marketing challenges in the Automobile Industry”. He spoke on the future which is ruled by digital marketing. He called the students to get a real experience of the work place by getting into internships and live projects. He stressed on the opportunities for MBA's in the Middle East.He also promised the students for internships with a handsome stipend which may turn into final placements.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

The Department of Business Administration organised a Capital Market Awareness Programme for the first semester students. Mr. Sumeet Nayak, VP, Lotus Knowlwealth spoke about various aspects of capital market, derivatives market and foreign exchange market. He also gave ideas on online trading and settlement.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Ashwin Sheka, Branch Manager, Zabeel International Institute of Management & Technology, UAE an alumnus (second batch MBA) of the college addressed the MBA students on the topic ' Neuro Linguistic Programming and its Applications.' As a branch manager his expertise lies in consulting, developing strategic business plans and managing branch operations with key focus on delivering business benefits, customer delight and profitability. He has also demonstrated skills in implementing strategic business plans, maintaining seamless cross-functional coordination and ensuring optimal utilization of resources. In This lecture he emphasised on the subconscious and unconscious mind and stated that it is a home of beliefs, motivation and behaviour. He said that each person consciously edits his perceptions of the world. Students were very receptive as he narrated his life's experiences and to what he is today linking it to NLP.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Dr. B. P. Murali, Faculty of Madurai Kamaraj University and also a guest faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad visited the Campus. He conducted a session on Marketing for first year students of the Department of Business Administration. He spoke about 4 P's of marketing and their impact on the marketing environment. He explained the demand factor and how important it is in current day business. He approached the concept with a case study of detergent industry to drive home the point that demand is more complex than what appears on the surface. He also elaborated on competitor and competition. He gave practical insights to the students on the present marketing environment and its impact on business. The class was interactive and our students were indeed privileged to hear Dr. B. P. Murali speak on some of the important aspects of marketing.


Campus - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management

Mr. Ajay G. Prasad, Corporate Trainer, Envoy Mortgage India Pvt. Ltd. delivered a lecture on Corporate Etiquette for first year students of MBA. In his lecture, he spoke about, corporate communication, corporate dressing and expectations of corporate from fresh graduates. He has elaborated on importance on human relations and interpersonal communications for the success in corporate life. He has conducted activities to demonstrate the importance of corporate etiquette.The session was interactive and students discussed lot of corporate communication aspects.


Department of Business administration organized a guest lecture for the HR specialization students of the department. Mr. P. Suresh, Senior manager-HR, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd, Mangalore was the resource person. He addressed the students on the Components of CTC, Various Legislation Governing Wage and Salary Administration. He also spoke on the Procedure of Wage Settlements and Enterprise Resource Planning for HR. Mr. P. Suresh also agreed for two internships for HR specialization students at MCF, Mangalore. The guest lecture was initiated by Dr. Vishal Samartha, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration.